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Starting A New Relationship? 10 Tips to Start Things Off On The Right Foot

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A new relationship begins with a reasonable hope and comes with many mysterious boxes that intrigue you to learn more. It also requires more work than you think of.

You finally get into a relationship with the guy you click with, and you love spending time with him and are somewhere worried about not screwing this romantic relationship. But who knows, when will the things take the sharp turn? Sometimes beautiful & lovely relationship fail because of lack of trust and understanding between couples.

Getting excited about the new relationship is mundane. A fresh relationship is like you are exploring the uncovered territory. You are trying to figure out who they are and what their quirks are? What does that person love to do? Basically, a woman should invest the first three months of her new relationship in just exploring the guy.

Personally, every week you would get to learn either a weird or intolerant thing about the guy, trust me on this.

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This is also the time to set up some boundaries and standards for the relationship. You could say ‘first-three months’ are an essential part of a relationship.

“A new relationship is full of possibilities, and discoveries—not only of our partners but of ourselves and our needs, wants, and desire,” says Andrea Syrtash, a dating and relationship expert.

Your guide to a new relationship

guide to a new relationship

We’ve all felt butterflies at the start of a new romantic relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for six months. We fight on stupid little things; we have lovely dinner nights; we surprise each other; we share a sweet, beautiful bond, and more importantly, we know how to fix the disagreements — though we’re sharing the relationship from a long time, still getting to know each other more & finding out how to communicate when disputes occur is essential.

Both of us are still in the learning phase of a new relationship. What I’m trying to say is entering a new relationship isn’t relishing, tearing the wrapper off your Christmas present. Take your time to open the layers.

Here are some basic rules to follow for a new relationship, and you’ll be gold.

Let’s get started!

Keep the past in the past:

relationship guide

The biggest mistake a woman makes when dating someone new is with bringing her exes fears, concerns, and negative thoughts to the present relationship. Not only this, you compare your current bond with your past relationship on every meeting. Also, you can’t stop talking about your exes to your present boyfriend. Honestly, keep your thoughts and conversation on the current relationship. You shouldn’t be interrogating them on their past, either.

Stay connected with friends and family:

stay connected with friends

I don’t know how to express this enough, but I have made this mistake and trust me, keeping friends sidelined when getting into a new relationship is not at all desirable option. Though all of us adore wrapping around loving arms but ignoring the dear ones and dropping all the usual activities with friends to see your partner should not sound valuable to you.

One has to set their priorities and needs to give equal time to friends and family. You need not spend the entire day with your partner.

Be honest with your partner:

honesty in a relationship

Honesty is the policy of a happy relationship. I ask every girl out there who’s thinking to get into a relationship, to just be honest with your thoughts and make sure you’re conveying your opinions to your partner in the right manner. Because if you don’t be honest with your views, then your relationship will not last. You need to be honest with that person from the start of your relationship. Maybe it sounds hard to you, but I know you can do this. Be true to yourself.

Go easy with meeting the parents:

Never rush to ask the guy to meet your parents. Once he is ready, you will get to know as “Actions speak louder than words.” Wait, for the day when the guy wishes to express his desire to meet your family, that would be a win-win situation for both of you. The same advice I would like to give guy’s also, don’t rush for the things take it slow and especially while asking a girl to meet your family.

Be open about sex:

relationship guide be open about sex

Well, it’s great to talk about sex at the beginning of a new relationship. Be transparent with your partner. Few things which you must have to discuss with your partner a) how to go down on you b) what’s your favourite sex position c) do you like to use sex toys or not?

See, sex matters a lot, be it a new relationship or an old one.

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Try not to decorate reality or brag:

starting a relationship never brag your partner

Ladies, bragging can be a huge turnoff. You need not to continually work hard to impress or convey your true heartfelt feelings. Just be yourself, the guy’s like the girl who is more confident and smart. Trust me; it’s worth it.

Abstain from being needy:

relationship guide

A bit of jealousy is considered cute and healthy in a relationship. But, putting restrictions or stopping the partner from doing the usual things they were doing before your date is a red flag. One should also avoid constant calling, texting, and making unreasonable demands to see their significant other; this may stress out and make the partner to peddle back.

Acknowledge space:

It’s true when we get into a relationship; we wish to spend all our time- day and night with that person. Though it’s an adorable thing, space is equally important. Otherwise, you feel suffocated and get irritated with each other easily. So, don’t let this happen. Give each other some space as it’ll show them you respect personal time.

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Discussion about what the relationship is:

I know, how much it hurts when you like that person and want to take things further, but the partner looks at it as another casual hookup. That’s why it’s better if you both talk to each other on the second or third meeting where you’d like this relationship too. If the other person only wants something casual (friends with benefits thing), you don’t invest emotions in the relationship.

Stay in the moment:

stay ain the moments relationship

You have just started a relationship. It’s time to learn and discover something new. So, whenever your mind overthinks, remind yourself to stay in the present moment and enjoy the new lovey-dovey relationship.

The sweet relationship things are happening in front of you, so don’t puzzle up your mind.

Here’s a wrap!

Healthy relationships don’t build in a night, and they require time and hard work. Keep this Morning Lazziness guide handy to starting a new relationship, and you’ll be amazed at the beautiful results.

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