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20 Things To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

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Finally, it’s February – the V-Day month of the year.

You don’t have to be sad or begging someone to take you on a romantic date this Valentine Day. You’re a strong woman who doesn’t need a significant other to cuddle up and show love.

Just think about the benefits of being single — no fighting with the boyfriend for lack of planning. No stress, also you don’t have to spend a significant amount on a sexy set of lingerie. And, of course, no chance of being disappointed.

Although, it is easy to get jealous or frustrated with seeing romantic couples around you; holding hands, exchanging gifts, wearing the same clothes, greeted with red roses and sharing heart-melting pictures on social media and gushing in restaurants. But don’t fret dear reader; with a positive attitude and a little creativity, you can have much fun as every happy couple you encounter. You can do whatever you want to do! So prepare a list of all the exciting things you wish to do, whether with yourself or friends.

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I know it’s hard, but you are brave enough to go to a party/restaurant/bar or movie alone because you love yourself more than sweet lovey-dovey messages. So, ordinary single ladies let’s make this Valentine memorable by taking matters into your own hands.  You’re in the driver’s seat and can make this day all about you. So, don’t waste this holiday, catch up with your best friend, colleagues or go out alone, make the most of Valentine Day.

Here are 20 surprising things you can do if you’re single this Valentine Day.

Make plans a week earlier: when you know Valentine is right around the corner, it’s better to plan with your besties a week more prior to whether all-day movie marathon is featuring your celebrity crush or relaxing at the spa. If you don’t complete the things earlier, you might end up spending alone sitting at loneliness, crying or eating Nutella at home.

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How about single-only dinner parties: You might have friends like you who are single, so why not invite them all and toast to your independence? You can have a BBQ or BYOF.

Plan a Valentine Day “crafternoon”– Take out the stencils, those colourful pens, and hit a craft store where you can make Valentine Cards, heart-shaped stickers and spread the love.

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Plan something you have been waiting for so long – go out for shopping, treat yourself to a haircut, blowout, beauty treatment, or massage.

Hit the yoga class: Get your sweat on at a hot yoga class.

Rent a bike: go on a sunset bike ride, catch the scenic view of the surroundings.

Visit a museum: Sometimes it’s good to lose in the old times.

Cook a romantic dinner for the family: Who said, Valentine, is for lovers? You can spend the day with whom you love and adores the most. So, this Valentine plans a romantic dinner date with family and relatives.

Splurge on decadent sweet cakes: Pamper yourself with visiting the most beautiful bakery in the city. Also, cook your favourite double-layer chocolate cake at home and be proud of yourself when you nailed it.

Wear something sexy and feel love.

Create the list of all the things which are being grateful and thanks to God for what you have achieved.

Go on two massages with the mom.

Do something nice for others. Help the old ones, send gifts like flowers, chocolates to people whom you adore the most.

Visit a new place where you always thought to explore.

Sign off from all social media for a day: Stop stalking your ex on Facebook, it won’t make him come back to you. Let the old things go, and welcome the new with open arms. Be humble, be confident. Miracles happen every day.

Plan an overnight pyjama night with your besties and dance all night long.

Hire a butler to cook for you. Why cook on your special day?

Watch the latest Netflix series.

And, do what makes you happy. Love yourself, and you are unique, incredible and amazing.

Last, buy a sex toy and get engage.

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