How to Stimulate Her Clitoris To Give Her Hip Shaking Orgasms

How to Stimulate Her Clitoris To Give Her Hip Shaking Orgasms

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Most women prefer much more than traditional penetration to reach hip-shaking orgasms. According to a recent survey, only 25% of all women get an orgasm while getting indulged in routine sexual intercourse, which includes only the process of penetration.

Subsequently, this survey is evidence to show that most numbers of women need clitoris simulation for getting hip-shaking orgasms and releasing their semen. 

When it comes to a woman’s body, there is no other part which is as sensitive as the clitoris. It contains twice the number of nerve endings that a man’s penis contains, which is around 8,000 nerve endings. So in what way can you stimulate her clitoris to give her hip-shaking orgasms? 

For men who are new to getting involved in physical relations, it’s always advisable to find the clitoris. You will find it at the tip of the vulva, just below the spot where it meets with the inner labia. You’ll have to dig inside for nearly 5 inches till you find it inside her vagina. Further, it will also help you the explore elusive spot or the G spot. And, you can do it by inserting both your index and middle finger together or by using sex toys, which is also very useful. 

And now, moving forward towards stimulating the clitoris by fingers or sex toys, whatever is preferable.

Ways to Stimulate Her Clitoris

According to a report, nearly 70% of women prefer not getting stimulated directly on the clitoris. But in and around the inner walls of the vagina, close to the clitoris. And, if you are not sure about your partner’s preference for using your fingers or sex toys etc., it’s always advisable to ask her directly. 

Now it’s time for you to surprise your partner with a few stimulation tricks on her clitoris, not just with your tongue. Also with your fingers, sex toys and lips. Further, you can experiment with a lot of sex positions, where you can use your fingers or sex toys to penetrate and stimulate her clitoris.

There is no substantial reason to segregate between clitoris stimulation and penetration, as to get the utmost fulfilment both must be done in perfect harmony. 

Here are a few ways to stimulate her clitoris to give her hip-shaking orgasms:

1. Nibble and suck: 

You should use your tongue and lips to suck and nibble on her clit, and not just lick it. Ian Kerner, PhD and eminent author of ‘She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman’ states that there is an enormous number of sensory fibres in the entire vulva region. 

Further, she mentions that a man can create stimulation on a woman’s clitoris by sucking the tip of the clit and creating friction by rubbing a woman’s inner labia and sucking all around the labia. Lastly, she also mentions that sucking will also result in more blood flow, further leading to enhanced vasocongestion towards the clitoris and the vulva region. And Kerner compares the clitoris to a little vacuum pump. 

2. Trace circles around the clit: 

According to a recent survey of Indiana University, the researchers conducted experiments on favourite sex techniques on 1,055 women. And, they concluded that nearly 850 women, which is more than 80%, preferred a feeling of fulfilment while tracing circles with their man’s tongue around the clit. Therefore, you can use your finger, tongue or even two fingers together to trace circles around her clit to stimulate her sensitive part.

3. Hinting: 

Hinting is basically a process of drawing circles around the inner walls of the vagina and focusing on the nearby area of the woman’s clitoris. Subsequently, coming in direct touch with clitoris occasionally with the tip of your tongue or fingers. Moreover, the same survey of Indiana University, where 8 out of 10 women loved this technique, reveal about the ‘hinting’ technique, as well. 

One of the researchers called Ava Cadell explains that a man shouldn’t get into direct contact with the clitoris always, but just move his fingers all around the clitoris. Eventually, this will produce the best clitoris stimulation. And, Ava Cadell is the founder and author of Further, Ava recommends that a man should maintain a steady and consistent stroke to make his partner orgasm and give her the ultimate form of pleasure.

4. Select the ideal side: 

The same survey of the Indian University claims that 60% of all women possess a preferred side with respect to clitoris stimulation. And, the best way to makes sure that you pick the right one is to ask her directly. Therefore, if she states that she likes a particular side better, then go for it. And, if she is not aware of it, then don’t hesitate in experimenting with both the sides to stimulate her clitoris. 

5. Be creative and don’t stop imagining: 

As mentioned earlier, you can experiment with various sex positions to make the most of your sexual intercourse session. Therefore, you can be more creative by experimenting with the most preferred 69 positions. The best thing about this position is that no partner remains idle during intercourse and try to fulfil each other’s desires. And, then you can use your imagination while licking her clitoris. You can imagine as if your tongue is a paintbrush and you are painting the fences from beneath to the top. 

After getting aware of all the sensual techniques, now you are completely ready to give your woman hip-shaking orgasms by stimulating her clitoris to the farthest extent.  

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