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The Strategy Guide To Starting A New Business: 11 Tips To Becoming A Boss Lady

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With 2020 being a year for the books, to say the least, it wasn’t all bad. One good thing about this year has been that women’s voices, opinions, rights, and impact have been a force to be reckoned with, and that includes business.

Whether it be Julie Sweet, who is the CEO of “Accenture,” a company that takes pride in inclusion, to Mary Barra, Chairman of “General Motors.” Or Serena Williams is winning her first title this year as a mom, to our new Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris, we have set the tone for women to be included and taken seriously.  

It has inspired so many women to start a business and become entrepreneurs. Or some to take their part-time business or hobbies and make them their full-time gig. Studies show that 1821 women started net new businesses every day this year. I myself am one of those going full time with my business and betting on me. I’m known as “The Bounceback Queen,” a Motivational Speaker/Coach/Author/Life Cheerleader/Mentor, and I help people with life challenges and teach them “The Art of Bouncing Back.”  

If you are one of the ones thinking of starting your own business, I have a strategy and helpful tip list you can use to become successful in your business.

1. Why do you want to start a business?

We all have our different reasons for wanting to start. You might want to be able to spend more time with your kids, have financial freedom, be tired of your boss, have a strong passion for something, or maybe you just want to be a Boss Lady. No matter the reason, it’s important to always remember your “Why.”

2. What are your talents?

You may be the go-to person for making the perfect outfit for your friends. Maybe you are very crafty and can create amazing hand-made gifts. We all have talents, and you need to think of what yours are and how you can make it profitable.

3. What are you passionate about and like doing?

If you were one of the people reading number 2 and thinking to yourself that you don’t have any talents, I got you covered. What types of things are you passionate about or like doing? Maybe you love to cook and could start a catering business. Or maybe you love to paint, and you could teach a virtual art class. We have to think outside of the box, ladies. It’s vital that you enjoy your business, or else you won’t stick with it.

4. Take a trend and give it a spin or find a problem and be a solution

Find your niche and your way to do things. Maybe you can improve a product already out or put your own spin on it. Become a student and learn as much about your business as you can. The possibilities are endless, and there are so many problems that you could be the solution to; service is key.

5. Research everything

You need to know everything possible about your business, from the startup cost, to know how you are going to get the funds needed. You must know your competitors and your target consumer. Learn as much as you can; the more knowledgeable you are, the better.

6. Plan, plan, plan..

Get organized, make a plan, and stick to it. Remember, this is your business, and you have to treat it as such and take it seriously. It can only help you in the long run, not only as a great business habit but so you can stay on point with this new journey.

7. Be encouraged and don’t give up

Starting a new business can be very stressful, and you have to be resilient and don’t quit. You may have some hiccups and challenges in the beginning. Keep pushing, don’t listen to doubters, and keep supportive people around you. Get their feedback and advice, and stay steady; practice makes perfect. Here is where you remember your “Why” and use it as motivation.

8. Network, promote, and spread the word

Use all the social media outlets to your advantage. Have family and friends help share and get the word out about your new business. Network and build relationships with people who bring value to your business. If no one knows of your business, then it’s not a business.

9. Great customer service is a must-have

Word of mouth is still the most used form of advertisement. People will share when they enjoyed your business, and they might not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. The same goes for when they have a bad experience. A bad reputation can ruin any business.

10. Manifest that ISH

A positive mindset is crucial in any goal we set, and that includes business. Speak your business into existence. Remember to take time for yourself and don’t get burned out. 

11. Like Nike, just do it!!

Listen, learn, and apply it! Take the risk and bet on yourself. You never did anything before the first time you did it.

I hope these tips help you become the successful Boss Lady you are meant to be.

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LaNika Nichelle
“The Bounceback Queen”, LaNika Nichelle is a Motivational Speaker/Coach/Life Cheerleader/Mentor/Author, and Philanthropist. She helps those with life struggles overcome challenges. While being their biggest cheerleader, she teaches them how to cheer themselves through life. Life Survivor, LaNika Nichelle helps people build resilience, find solutions and shift negative or limiting thoughts.

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