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How to Embed an Instagram Gallery on a Website?

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Website owners are trying to simplify and speed up the process of generating new content on their web pages. In addition to it, they want to automate the process of interacting with their subscribers on the main site and on all social networks. A lot of users are looking for methods to add the Instagram widget to the site, for it’s one of the most effective tools for growing users’ engagement.

What is an Instagram widget?


Often, users notice content from Instagram on a variety of sites. And, as a rule, website owners want to install such a thing on their own resources, especially after they learn it is not difficult to install the Instagram widget on the site.

Instagram Feed widget is a no-code tool that you can add to HTML in several easy steps. It’s dynamic, and enhances the website functionality. For instance, you can embed it on any website platform: Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc. After you add the installation code there, you get constantly updating beautiful content right on a website.

Why choose the Elfsight Instagram Feed widget?

Elfsight Instagram Feed widget is the best solution among all its competitors. It allows you to broadcast personal photos on the site, a topic, or a hashtag, display an Instagram gallery, and present the whole Instagram feed in your colors. Users receive daily updates from your Instagram account on the site and have an opportunity to subscribe to your profile. In addition, you have appealing content on a website. There are several more benefits of having an Instagram feed widget on a web page:

  • Expand the subscriber base. With the help of a button added to the top of your Instagram widget, you will be able to promote your Instagram profile and attract new subscribers there.
  • It increases engagement. The more people interact with the content on your website, the more loyal they become to your brand.
  • It boosts the time users spend on your site. The thing is that time on a website is one of the crucial metrics for ranking in search engines like Google.
  • Using a widget doesn’t increase loading speed. Elfsight Instagram Feed is a cloud-based solution, which means that it is located on our own servers. This will not have any negative impact on site speed, which is also a very important ranking metric.
  • People like Instagram. They are familiar with its functionality, and spend a lot of time there. By putting Instagram content on your website, you are able to promote your products and services.

Elfsight Instagram Feed widget has outstanding functionality. Here are the main features you can find in it:

  • Online configurator which allows to mix and match elements visually
  • Zero coding and no need to study official Instagram API
  • Opportunity to add posts by hashtags and usernames
  • Possibility to filter posts by hashtags and usernames to make Instagram Feed more concise
  • Tons of ready-made templates that you can use as is
  • All parts of the Instagram widget are customizable
  • You can create the widget for free and even without registration

And so much more. Want to get your Instagram Gallery on a website in minutes?

How to add the Instagram Feed widget to the website?


Now, let’s discuss different methods of inserting an Instagram Feed into a site. There are three of them, and you can choose the one that suits your case best.

Embed Instagram content on a website with API

The app itself provides an integration option that simplifies the embedding process. All you have to do is select the post you want to embed, select the embed option by clicking on the post, and get the code. Afterward, copy the code to the backend of the website.

In this case, you can only paste one post at a time and only with desktop, for instance via the Instagram website There’s no opportunity to do it with the mobile app. In addition, it does not provide any content personalization, content customization, interactive design, etc. This is how you can embed Instagram posts relevant to your brand on a website.

Use a platform plugin

As we know, WordPress users rely on plugins to add any feature or functionality to their website and enhance their website’s interface. This is a solid option for all WordPress users and provides them with easy plugin integration.

The Instagram Feed plugin gives you an opportunity to customize the number of rows and columns. Also, you can personalize the widget and customize the number of posts you want to embed. Just copy the code and the desired Instagram gallery will be embedded on your WordPress site.

Embed content with an Instagram widget


Social media widgets are tools that help you aggregate content from social media onto your website. They collect and combine the content on the website into a more engaging and personalized channel.

The best Instagram Feed widget is Elfsight widget – it’s functional and appealing. It helps brands and non-professionals customize their feed with different layouts, font styles, colors, themes, and more. In addition, it provides businesses with the ability to moderate posts, filter them out and display the most relevant content.

In addition, Elfsight Instagram widget has analytics to track user views. With real-time updates, you can display fresh and unique content on your website to increase user engagement.

What is amazing about an Elfsight widget, you can embed it for free to the website and test its performance. You can insert an Instagram feed into any platform, and you can find a lot of instructions in our article. For example, here’s a brief guide for you to install Instagram on Shopify:

  • Click Add on the top panel of the ADI
  • Click Applications
  • Click on the Instagram Feed app by Elfsight and click Add
  • Click on the Select page dropdown and select where you want to link the feed
  • Click Add to Site
  • Click Save

That’s it! Your widget will appear as soon as this. The logic for any other platform is the same: you should create a section for your future widget and add the installation code there.


Embedding Instagram feeds on your website is a great way to activate your users and convert potential customers into real clients. We have discussed the 3 best ways to embed it on a website in a few easy steps. So, embed your own Instagram widget on your website and win the market with higher revenues and sales.

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