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30 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Smile

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Wondering what you can do to make your girlfriend happy? I mean, women are simple. They can find happiness in the smallest of things—for example, the right words or the right actions can do wondrous at the right time. Or a simple ‘I Love You’ can go a long way and can make your girlfriend’s heart melt.

It is neither difficult nor expensive to please a woman, especially if she loves you. As a lover, you should provide her with additional reasons to smile and make her feel valued and special. Though it can be challenging to grasp a girl’s feelings, there are certain things that you can do to make her happy and love you more.

Here are few of things you may do to make your girlfriend’s heart swell with joy.

1. Express your love for her.

Hold her hand in yours and speak those three eight-letter words while looking her in the eyes. In every relationship, this is one of the most basic yet vital commandments. Telling her how much you love her and how important she is to you will not only save you money, but it will also make her happy.

2. Write a love letter or leave small notes for each other.

Giving your girlfriend something to read that indicates how you think and feel about her throughout the day is one of the sweetest things you can do for her.

3. Send her flowers as a surprise.

Girls are the happiest people on the planet. You may make her a surprise visit at her place of business or her house. One of the most efficient ways to make her happy is to send her flowers without cause.

4. Send Her Adorable Text Messages.

Send her lovely notes, let her know you’re thinking of her, and let her know you miss her. Your letter is more than just a message; it is a celebration of her happiness.

5. Contact her.

At the very least, call her once a day to ask about her day and what she’s doing. She’ll be appreciative and feel special as a result of it.

6. Be respectful of her.

If you treat others with respect, you will be appreciated. Always show gallantry to your girl and learn to treat her like a princess. She’ll admire your courteous nature, and even tiny actions will make her delighted.

7. Provide her with a sense of security.

You’ll be able to please your partner thanks to your protective character. When your girl feels comfortable in your presence, she will believe that you are someone she can trust in any situation, and she will be naturally happier to be in love with you.

8. Compliment her.

Praise is something that girls appreciate because it makes them feel valuable. So, if you notice something good about her, compliment her. Admire her beautiful smile, compliment her on her new attire, or tell her how much you enjoy her perfume.

9. Pay attention to her.

Pay attention to her when she’s speaking to you. All a lady needs from time to time is someone to listen to her rants about life. You’ll get a lot of compliments from her for that.

10. Try to spend time with her.

This is one of the most important considerations in every relationship. Don’t forget to schedule time for her, no matter how hectic your schedule may be. Do activities that will make your time together special, even if it’s in the simplest ways.

11. Surprise her with gifts.

It is not necessary to spend a large sum of money on gifts. A simple treat of her favorite ice cream, a box of chocolates, or a movie ticket can surprise your girl.

12. Take care of her.

Women love being pampered. Purchase her favorite delicacies, tell her tales, sing her favorite song, or perform love poems for her.

13. Make her chuckle.

Tell her about a hilarious experience you had or something amusing you read somewhere. This isn’t as difficult as you may think; all you must do is share interesting thoughts with her to make her laugh. If your jokes aren’t getting her to laugh, try making funny faces.

14. Sincerely apologize to her.

Don’t be scared to apologize if you make a mistake. Even if it appears minor at the time, do it. Make it evident to her that your care for her feelings is genuine. Of course, do it with honesty. Also, make sure you spell SORRY correctly if you’re begging forgiveness over text or chat.

15. Give her a warm embrace.

Compliment her scent while giving her a warm hug. It will make your girlfriend believe that her lover is constantly thinking about her.

16. Make Her Feel Particularly Valuable.

Make her feel exceptional. So, if you’re going above and above for others, make sure you’re doing the same for her.

17. Appreciate her for every effort she makes.

Never fail to express your gratitude or appreciation for everything she does for you that is special or caring. A simple “thank you” could brighten her day and validate her hard work.

18. Prepare food for her.

Don’t worry if you’re not a gourmet chef; what matters is your willingness to learn and your commitment to put forth an effort. It’ll make her passionately stimulated and delighted because you’re striving to win not just her heart and mind, but also her taste senses.

19. In Public, Hold Her Hand.

It will give her a sense of security, worth, and respect. It will make her happy to hear that you are proud of her and consider herself blessed to have her in your life.

20. Always be willing to lend a helping hand.

To save her and solve her everyday issues, such as lifting heavy luggage or finding misplaced little items, you don’t have to be Superman or Batman; simply saving her and solving her problems will make you her favorite superhero.

21. Include her in the decision-making process.

You should act like you’re in a relationship because you are. Consider what she has to say, even if you’ll be the one to make the final decision. She’ll see that you value her opinion and, as a result, she’ll feel more valued.

22. Make Her Feel Good.

Maintaining a nice relationship with her shows that you still care about each other, no matter how long you’ve been together. To delight her, a simple “I love you” or a tiny gift will suffice. Only exhibit your kindness and romantic side to her, not to other ladies, if you don’t want her to be envious and angry.

23. Arrange for a romantic date.

It makes no difference if you’re in a five-star restaurant, a movie theater, a park, or even your own home. It must be romantic.

24. You Must Be Loyal to Her.

Loyal men are hard to come by these days. So, if you can show her that you care about her, she will surely be grateful.

25. Treat her friends and family with respect.

If your girlfriend gets along with her friends and family, she will have peace of mind because it means she will have a life free of troubles with the people she cares about. She’ll be relieved to hear that her boyfriend, friends, and family are all on good terms.

26. Let Her Know What You’re Up To.

Whatever you own, whether tangible such as your bicycle or immaterial such as your secrets, is also hers. If you freely share knowledge with her, she will be grateful. Be open and trustworthy to her in the same way she is to you.

27. Go on a trip together.

It seems great to plan a week away from work to get away from the stress. This will also help you rekindle the love and enthusiasm in your relationship. One of the most common relationship goals for most ladies is to travel together. As a result, it would be gratifying if you could help her achieve her relationship objectives.

28. Demonstrate that you care about her interests.

You’re probably bored by the TV show she’s obsessed with. You are not obligated to participate in all her interests. You must, however, show that you are aware of their existence to her. Show her some passion when she talks about them.

29. Recognize and respect her point of view.

Pay attention to her and let her make her own decisions. Respect her viewpoint just as you would want her to respect yours.

30. Be sincere in your words and your actions.

Never, ever lie to her, not ever with your words or actions. She loves you, so do not be a master of deception and a liar. Finally, always make her happy because you’re loving and cheerful heart tells you to.

Some Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Don’t you love it when someone compliments you? Your girl is in the same situation as you. She feels delighted and cherished when you say or text her sweet things. It makes her feel significant and unique.

Here are some beautiful things to say to your girlfriend; nevertheless, they should reflect your actual thoughts. Don’t say anything you don’t mean about her. She can tell if you’re attempting to win her over or if you’re speaking from the heart.

“My favorite sound is your speech, my favorite word is your name, and my favorite sight is your hug.”

“Every night before I go to sleep, I think of you and kiss my pillow.”

“If our love were a rose, we’d have to create a new breed with no thorns.”

“Some people die younger than they should because God loves them too much, but I’m still alive because someone loves me more than God.”

“Since meeting you, my life has never been the same.”

“A DOCTOR can save my life. A LAWYER can defend my life. A SOLDIER can provide me with a quiet existence. However, only You can provide me with a MEANINGFUL LIFE.”

“My love, a day without you feels like a year, while a day with you feels like seconds.”

“Honey is loved by bees, money is loved by misses, and dew is loved by flowers, but I am in love with you.”

“I hope I could be right next to you when I wake up.”

“What’s more, guess what? I never expected to like you as much as I do, and I never expected you to be on my mind as much as you are. It caught me completely off guard, but I adore it!”

“If I had to choose a color to represent you, I would choose rainbow because you are gorgeous, amazing, and spending time with you is like discovering a treasure.”

“There are no words to describe what a lovely person you are.”

“I was just thinking about you and wanted to tell you how much I adore you.”

“It’s huge, it’s toasty, and it’s squishy. Before you get any thoughts, let me give you a big hug!”

“My heart skips a beat when I think of you.”

“Do you realize how amazing it feels to know that I have you every day? You’re flawless. I’m in love with you.”

“I’d go to any length to make you happy.”

“Every time I see you, you brighten my day.”

“All the stars in the sky are beautiful, but they pale in comparison to the ones in your eyes.”

“I’m delighted we were born in this era of cellphones, computers, and other electronic devices. Otherwise, merely to contact you, I’d have to practice climbing the wall outside your window.”

“Now that you’re a part of my life, it’s ideal.”

“I can’t help but get lost in your eyes since they are so expressive and gorgeous.”

“Love is sweet when it’s fresh, sweeter when it’s true, and sweetest when it’s you who’s being loved.”

“When you need someone to be there for you, I’ll always be there for you!”

“You make me gasp for air.”

“I want to spend the rest of my life holding your hands.”

“I wish there was a pause button in life. Every second we spent together would be paused for me.”

“I’ve been missing you for the past 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds.”

“My love for you is unbreakable. My admiration for you will last forever. My feelings for you are boundless. I adore you.”

“Without doing anything, you make my heart race.”

“I would have given you a cute puppy as a gift, but I decided against it since I would be envious of the animal’s presence with you.”

“Finding you was the finest thing in the world, therefore falling in love with you is the second-best thing.”


There are plenty of things that you can say and do to make your girlfriend overjoyed. Girls love simple things, and they prefer the act of showing love over material things. The more love you show to your girl, the happier she will be. Find your way to make your girlfriend happy.