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10 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Women

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Although no one is supposed to lose interest in someone, if someone did so, keep in mind that person is not worth investing your time and love. 

Many times my friends pop up a similar question to me why men lose interest in them swiftly after going out on a few dates. 

Well, if we talk about the 21st century, leaving people after spending good quality time has become a trend, often profiteering. But, have you wondered what thoughts juggles in man’s mind when they decide to move far from you? 

Let’s have a look at the reasons.

Seldom, men lose interest, and it will surely make a woman feeling anxious. It’s natural that you will try to figure out the reason, constantly thinking over why does he suddenly lose interest in me?

This article will help you figure out why men suddenly lose interest in women. It will also help you in understanding what can you do to patch things up between both of you.

Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In Women

You must be wondering, ‘what makes him lose interest in me?’ Here is your answer, a few reasons why he must have lost interest in you.

1. He Was Never That Interested

You might find it hard to accept, but sometimes, it is not suddenly that men lost interest in you. He wasn’t even that interested in you. To know whether a man is interested in you or not, look at the efforts he is putting in. Take a look at his track record, and if he hasn’t shown much effort, it shows he is not much interested in you. In that case, you must stay away from him. 

2. He Wants Purely Sexual Relationship

This is one of the reasons that make men to suddenly lose interest in women. So, you will have to identify if this is your relationship. Ask yourself if you will characterize your relationship as one purely based on sex. Do you do less fun things together, and sex is the primary element between you? If it is so, then yours is a physical relationship purely, and it is only a matter of time before he loses interest in you.

3. You Changed The Direction Of The Chase   

In a relationship, often, one is the chaser, and the other is chased. Often, this chase sequence keeps him interested in you and this relationship. Imagine how it would feel if the Gazelle flips the chase and starts chasing the lion. Lion will start running in the opposite direction, scared and surprised by the change of events.  

So, if he has been chasing you, let it stay that way. If you start chasing him instead, it will spook him off. This could be your answer to your question, “what makes him lose interest in me?”

4. Something In His Life Has Changed     

Some incidents in your life, change the entire perspective about how you see things. This could be the case with him, as well. He might have ghosted on you because something has brought drastic changes in his life. 

Give him some time, and he might be figuring out how to tell you that. Don’t stay pinned on him. Don’t invest your time in something that isn’t going to work. And trust me when I say you will know that in your heart.

5. He Might Not Be Ready For The Commitment        

You might think that your man is ready to commit, but he might not be. So, don’t be surprised if he ghosts on you after you asked him to commit for a lifetime. So if a man suddenly loses interest in women, especially after you have asked him for marriage, make sure you let him know that he can take his time. Don’t push him for an answer and learn to take no gracefully.

6. You Weren’t Giving Each Other Time

Life keeps everyone busy, but it is up to you to strike a perfect balance. You might be extremely successful in your job, but you have to be as good in your relationship as well. If you keep ignoring your man over your work, he is bound to lose interest in you. And you will only be able to notice until its too late. So, a job is a priority, but you must give your man equal attention. Make him feel special, needed, and wanted every now and then, and he will stick by your side for life.

7. Your Attachment Styles Were Incompatible

A study says that people have different attachment styles, and avoidant is one of them. In this attachment style, someone might be extremely interested in you in the beginning, but with the rise of the prospect of real intimacy, they unconsciously panic and escape. And this often happens if the other partner has an anxious attachment pattern, also known as clingy in usual terms. So, if you are clingy and he avoids intimacy, he just might lose interest in you suddenly.

8. Your Relationship Has Become Boring

The beginnings are always good and exciting. But as time passes, everything in your relationship starts to feel like a routine. The lack of romance might be the reason why a man suddenly loses interest in women. Or, often, it is because that he gradually stops pulling the tricks and taking you out on extravagant dates that you feel he is no more interested in you, but that’s not the case. So, before reaching a decision, talk to him.

9. He Could Be Stressed

Sometimes, a man might be facing a major crisis in life. It might feel to you that he has suddenly lost interest in you, but it’s not really so. And it’s not personal as well. Understand that he is just distracted by the issues he is facing. And sometimes a crisis might change the perspective of a man, how he thinks and feels. In that case, he might distance himself from you. So, give him some time to sort things out in his life and talk about how he feels about you and the relationship. 

10. You Have Lost Interest In Yourself

When we find ourselves settled in a relationship, we often let go of ourselves. We let go of our bodies and our minds. You must keep putting effort into yourself. Look pretty, stay confident, and this is what makes a woman attractive to men. And if you lose interest in yourself, he will lose interest in you too.

These are a few reasons that make a man lose interest in women. And now ladies that you know the reasons, you can find the solution as well.

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