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5 Things A Woman Needs to Know Before Having Anal for the First Time

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Of all the sex demonstrations, in the butt stays a standout amongst the most misjudged.

If you’re reading this article, you are more likely new to anal sex, someone who doesn’t know what anal sex feels like and wants to make the most of it without getting hurt. The truth is something you want to hear first: anal sex is painful, and there is no way around that.

Anal sex is much like smoking. If you want to make your butt sex pleasurable, vanish such uneasy feelings and negative thoughts from your mind. Like what if I shit all over my boyfriend’s dick? What if the anal sex session doesn’t go well? What will happen if I cry because of pain? Well, you will experience butt sex for the first time, so juggling with these types of questions is totally understandable.

What does anal sex feel like?

Anal sex is violating. You might wonder why men want to have anal sex over vaginal sex? Though both sex positions add excitement and give unbeatable pleasure, anal feels more raw, hurtful and unemotional.

When a man desire to have anal sex, it feels as if he not only wants to violate a woman but he is also okay with hurting her. Fraught with anxiety and fear, butt sex is something that a woman dreams of doing.

anal sex first time

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Ways to make anal sex pleasurable and graceful

When a woman has anal sex, the sensation is intense. Even the unbearable pain gives the maximum level of satisfaction. Pressing up against the clitoris from the inside out, if butt sex is done with care and patience, an intense orgasm can quickly get women hooked. Trust us; if you can reach the point of the mind-blowing orgasm with anal sex, that feeling is something unattainable with any other sexual position.

So, if you want to give anal sex a try, communicate with your partner. Your agenda shouldn’t be getting an orgasm at the first go. You should be very careful and physically and mentally ready because anal sex will be dangerous. Bad anal sex can cause damage to your body and can even have severe damage to your relationship. Hence, if you want anal sex to go smoothly, it’s best to adhere to the following rules.

Use lots of lubes:

Remember lube is your friend in anal sex. Your anus is not created for sex. Also, it’s not self-lubricate like the vagina. So, if you want butt sex to go smoothly without giving tears to the anal tissue or even an anal fissure, use lots and lots of lubes.

Go slowly and gently:

woman anal sex

See you will confront anal sex first time, so it’s okay if you move over patiently. Anal sex is very intense and probably overwhelming. When we say slowly and gently, we mean inch by inch. Give time to your partner to adjust. Try different sex positions to find the comfortable one for you. With this, your partner will ensure that you won’t get hurt and get to experience a more profound sensation.

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Start with sex toys:

Sex toys are bliss for anal sex. By using butt plugs that are specially designed for anal stimulation, you get the idea that will you be able to hold a penis in your anal for a long time or not? Tip: Using butt plugs during foreplay helps a lot.

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Communication is essential in anal sex. If butt sex is hurting you or turns out to differ entirely from what you have expected, you may put a stop to it at any point. Both parties should be comfortable and onboard throughout the entire experience.

woman Needs to Know Before Having Anal for the  First Time

The first experience with butt sex will not be perfect:

Never assume your first experience with anal sex would be outstanding. It takes many tries to get anal sex right. Don’t do it till the time you and your partner are not comfortable. Wait for the right moment. Be patient. And know that – when you do anal sex at the right time, you will experience an astounding deeper level of stimulation.

The truth is: Anal sex is not something you can have with everyone; it’s something you and your partner work up to when trust has been established.

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