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11 Best Indoor Plants You Can Get On Amazon


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Summers are the best time to give a flawless makeover to your home. Furnishing the house with vibrant and bright curtains to adding ceramic sculptures, wood furniture to the living room, hanging jute macrame to the windowpanes – make your home all set for a cheerful family get-together.

But this summer sticks not only to specific traditional makeovers. Try something new, something out-of-the-box. How about giving your home a greenery makeover?

Yes, you got me, right! House plants come very handy and look ravishing. Place a Jasmine plant in your living room, and you will be mesmerized with its fragrance. That’s not all. A hanging plant or succulent can do more than look good in your window. 

Apart from embracing the beauty of the home indoor plants comes numerous benefits. From purifying the air, to reducing anxiety, to improve concentration, indoor plants like Jade and Aloe vera are the abundance of goodness. 

From inhaling the carbon-di-oxide to exhaling the oxygen- plants have more to offer!!

So, this summer, welcome plants as the antidote of your sickness- exhale the negative thoughts and bring positivity.

I have to say I'm impressed with this Pachira
  • The Money Tree is an easy-care houseplant that is said to bring prosperity and good luck to its owners.
  • The plant grows best near a sunny window, not in direct sunlight and thrive with a weekly watering.
Add a touch of class
  • Stunning tropical plant, easy to care for, excellent houseplant. Used in home décor and design.
  • Water when soil dries out. Can hold up well to drought. Place in a well-lit room; does best when receiving bright filtered light.
Simply adorable
  • Suitable for Cool and Vintage Ins style. It will be more beautiful and eye-catching if you fill the bottle with colored water or put some cobbles. 
  • Three bulb terrariums are made of High boron silicon heat resistant glass.
Oh, This Is Cool
  • Sansevieria Superba is a drought-tolerant perennial with sharp, dark green leaves year-round.
  • As a houseplant, Superba is very easy to care for and delivers a strong statement through its undeniable aesthetic.
  • Mother in Laws Tongue House Plant looks great with basket weave or ceramic pots.
  • Spider plants are among the easiest houseplants to grow and are great for beginners. 
  • A fan of bright, indirect light, spider plants are great for hanging and will send out shoots that flower and eventually grow into baby spider plant. 
  • The green leaves feature a magenta edging in the summer, like a beautiful sunset
  • Jade Plant prefers sun, but only needs to be watered when dry
  • Golden Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. Low maintenance vining plant, also drought tolerant, excellent indoor plant. Excellent for new plant parents. 
  • Allow soil to dry out between watering. The pothos plant can grow in just about any room of your home, it will grow in low, medium, high light spaces.
  • Swiss cheese vine makes a perfect evergreen houseplant for both beginners and experts, since it’s easy to care for and exotic in appearance
  • Good for your health. Considered as top air purifying plants to remove harmful chemicals from the air in your home. 
  • The Aloe Vera plant is known for its cool Gel inside of its thick, toothed leaves.
  • These sun-lovers grow best in a sunny window. Drought tolerant, only needs water once every two to three weeks.
  • Succulents will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. A south-facing window is ideal. 
  • Succulents should be planted in a pot with one or more drainage holes
  • Succulents will do far better and develop much more vibrant color when they receive plenty of light. It is very important that they be placed in a sunny location for long-term success!
  • Lucky Bamboo can bring you good luck, wealth and happiness.
  • Lucky Bamboo is a low-maintenance plant. It can grow in any part of the house or office. You can put them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen ,bathroom or reading room, it will relax the works , help you in a good mood and reduce air pollution and noise.
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