10 Addictive Korean Dramas To Binge Right Now

This gripping historical fantasy thriller is set in the Joseon era of Korea. It follows the crown prince as he investigates a mysterious plague that turns people into flesh-eating zombies


A unique romantic fantasy, this drama tells the story of a high school girl who discovers that she is a character in a comic book

Extraordinary You

Goblin revolves around an immortal goblin and his quest to end his immortal life. In his journey, he forms an unlikely friendship with a grim reaper


This popular romantic fantasy drama follows the story of an alien who has been living on Earth for centuries and a top actress.

My Love from the Star

Centered around the lives of wealthy families living in an exclusive residential area, SKY Castle delves into the intense competition and pressures faced by parents and their children

SKY Castle

A romantic comedy-drama, Crash Landing On You tells the story of a South Korean heiress who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea and meets a North Korean military officer.

Crash Landing On You

This emotional drama revolves around the complicated relationship between a psychiatric ward caretaker and an antisocial children's book author.

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

A highly addictive and intense thriller, Squid Game follows a group of people who participate in a mysterious survival game with a massive cash prize at stake.

Squid Game

This romantic comedy centers around a narcissistic vice chairman of a company and his highly capable secretary.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Set in the 1980s, this heartwarming drama follows a group of friends and their families living in a neighborhood in Seoul

Reply 1988

This action-packed romance tells the story of a soldier and a doctor who meet during a medical mission in a war-torn country.

Descendants of the Sun

Best Friendship Korean Dramas To Binge Watch