10 Addictive Medical K-Dramas To Binge Watch

This drama follows a brilliant North Korean doctor who escapes to South Korea and becomes a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Doctor Stranger

A heartwarming series about a young autistic savant with a remarkable memory and keen medical talent.

Good Doctor

The story revolves around a brilliant surgeon who goes by the nickname "Teacher Kim." He mentors two young doctors and, together, they tackle challenging medical cases.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

Set in a major hospital, this drama delves into the power struggles between doctors and executives as they strive to maintain their principles and provide the best patient care.


The heartwarming series portrays five doctors who have been friends since medical school and work together in the same hospital.

Hospital Playlist

An anesthesiologist with exceptional pain management skills becomes involved in a series of mysterious patient deaths. The drama explores the ethics of medicine and the pursuit of justice.

Doctor John

After getting divorced six years ago, a couple coincidentally meets again as interns in the same hospital's emergency department

Emergency Couple

A talented medical student seeks revenge on the powerful people responsible for his father's death. He becomes a doctor to infiltrate the hospital where they work.


Also known as "Two Lives One Heart," the drama revolves around talented cardiac surgeons competing for the position of Chief Surgeon.

Heart Surgeons

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