8 Beauty Lessons  To Learn Kate Middleton

From experimenting with fringes and length to a scattering of sun-kissed highlights, As Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is the definition of classic style,.

Kate does switch up her hair colour. In the summer she adds a few honey blonde highlights and in the autumn/winter months returns to a rich chestnut brunette.

Keep changing your hair colour

Kate never used to step out without the classy eyeliner, but in recent years, she too updated her make-up game.

Update your make-up game

Kate has clearly seen the value and benefits of investing in her skin.

Invest in your skin

Kate's biggest skincare secret is wearing SPF, every single day, which makes sense as we know sun damage accounts for 90% of skin ageing.

Wear your SPF daily

Kate is proof that ponytails can look incredibly chic,  if you're lazing about at home or in the gym.

Ponytail is perfect for lazy Sundays

Kate's make-up routine is her foundation, she looks better than ever with a glow that an illuminating foundation boosts.

Boost your glow

Kate always makes times for her blow-dries, in fact post birth her hairstylist was one of her first visitors.

A good blow-dry is must

 Kate Middleton is a sporty person and her reported daily work out routines include a mixture of cross fit, strength training and yoga.

Exercise daily