Best Dark Anime Series of All Time

Paranoia Agent, an anime with mind-bending psychology, offers surreal and unforgettable moments to its viewers.

Paranoia Agent

Erased, a dark mystery anime, follows a man's revival in the past to prevent murders.


A Japanese surgeon's world becomes deadly upon discovering his former patient, Johan, an elusive serial killer eluding the authorities.


In Corpse Party, high school friends conduct a charm to strengthen their friendship but face horrifying consequences.

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Elfen Lied, an excellent sci-fi anime, features gore, nudity, violence, and mutants aiming to dominate the world.

Elfen Lied

Koichi, a student at Yomiyana Middle School, experiences a disturbing transformation as classmates are brutally killed.


A Japanese dark fantasy manga series and considered  as one of the best anime of the dark genre.

Tokyo Ghoul

Yamishibai, an anime, explores Japanese myths and chilling tales of urban legends.


Black Butler caters exclusively to mature audiences who appreciate clever and sophisticated humor with darkness.

Black Butler

Psycho-Pass delves into a near-collapse futuristic society, highlighting dark human tendencies.