10 Best Horror K-Dramas You Must Watch

A zombie apocalypse set in Joseon dynasty-era Korea.


An apartment complex becomes overrun with monsters.

Sweet Home

A man moves into a rundown apartment building and uncovers its dark secrets.

Strangers from Hell

A priest, a psychic, and a detective team up to fight evil spirits.

The Guest

A young woman tries to rescue her friend from a religious cult.

Save Me

A prosecutor uses his vampiric abilities to solve cases.

Vampire Prosecutor

A grim reaper falls in love with a woman who can see ghosts.


A woman can see ghosts, but they disappear when she touches a man who is a CEO of a shopping mall.

The Master's Sun

A firefighter with the ability to communicate with the dead tries to solve a series of murders.


A detective and a psychic team up to investigate a string of mysterious deaths.