Best K-Dramas Every Hyun Bin Fan Needs to Watch

This romantic comedy-drama follows the story of a talented pastry chef, who gets involved in a fake relationship with a wealthy restaurant owner, played by Hyun Bin. 

My Name is Kim SamSoon

Set in the world of organized crime, this gritty drama revolves around the friendship between four childhood friends

Friend, Our Legend

Hyun Bin takes on the role of a wealthy CEO who swaps bodies with a stuntwoman, played by Ha Ji-won, due to a strange incident.

Secret Garden

In this romantic comedy-drama, Hyun Bin portrays a man with dissociative identity disorder, who has two distinct personalities.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

This crime comedy film features Hyun Bin as a master con artist who teams up with a prosecutor to take down a notorious swindler.

The Swindlers

In this action film, Hyun Bin plays a North Korean detective who is reluctantly partnered with a South Korean detective to track down a corrupt businessman.

Confidential Assignment

Hyun Bin stars as a CEO who becomes entangled in a virtual reality game after a business trip to Spain.

Memories of the Alhambra

This intense thriller features Hyun Bin as a skilled negotiator who work with a crisis negotiator to save hostages from a dangerous criminal.

The Negotiation

One of the most popular Korean dramas, Crash Landing On You follows the story of a South Korean heiress, who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea

Crash Landing On You

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