10 Best K-pop Songs Of All Time

This song, released in 2012, became a global phenomenon with its catchy beat, humorous music video, and unique dance moves.

"Gangnam Style" by PSY

This girl group hit from 2011 showcases their confidence and empowerment with its strong vocals and upbeat electronic sound.

I Am the Best" by 2NE1

Released in 2012, this iconic song features an explosive chorus, which helped to establish BIGBANG as one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world.

"Fantastic Baby" by BIGBANG

This 2013 song is a retro-inspired dance track with a groovy beat and smooth vocal harmonies, showing EXO's charisma and musical talent.

"Growl" by EXO

This 2016 release blends genres with its mix of pop, hip-hop, and electronic sounds and showcases the group's mature and reflective side.

Blood Sweat & Tears" by BTS

This 2015 song features inspired melody and fun choreography, exemplifying Girls' Generation's bubbly and charming image.

"Lion Heart" by Girls' Generation

This 2019 hit is a synth-pop track with a catchy chorus and sleek dance moves, elevating TWICE's popularity both in Korea and internationally.

"Fancy" by TWICE

This 2018 R&B-inspired track has a smooth and sultry sound, featuring Red Velvet's strong vocals and charisma.

"Bad Boy" by Red Velvet

This 2018 release has an addictive melody, showcasing iKON's songwriting talent and ability to craft a memorable and emotional song.

"Love Scenario" by iKON

This 2012 ballad highlights BIGBANG's vocal abilities and emotional depth, and solidifying their status as one of the most iconic K-pop groups ever.

"Blue" by BIGBANG