10 Best Mario Games Of All Time

The game that started it all, a classic platformer with iconic levels and enemies.

Super Mario Bros

An expansive game with colorful graphics and numerous secrets to discover.

Super Mario World

A groundbreaking 3D platformer that redefined the genre and introduced new mechanics.

Super Mario 64

A unique space-themed adventure with gravity-defying gameplay and memorable boss battles.

Super Mario Galaxy

A refined sequel with new power-ups, world maps, and level variety.

Super Mario Bros. 3

A modern take on Mario with an open world and creative level design.

Super Mario Odyssey

A controversial game with a tropical setting and new gameplay mechanics such as F.L.U.D.D.

Super Mario Sunshine

A collaboration with Square Enix that brought RPG elements to the Mario universe.

Super Mario RPG

The first Mario racing game that started a successful spin-off series.

Super Mario Kart

A return to 2D platforming with new power-ups and multiplayer options.

New Super Mario Bros.