10 Best Medical K-Dramas, Ranked

A talented but aloof surgeon teaches interns and saves lives in a tumultuous hospital.

Dr. Romantic (2016)

A South Korean drama series about a man with multiple personalities and his journey to healing.

Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Hospital Playlist focuses on five best friends who met in medical school. Now they all work as surgeons in different departments at the same hospital.

Hospital Playlist (2020)

Good Doctor is highly acclaimed among audiences and critics alike, earning itself 14 awards in the Korean Drama Awards, KBS Drama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, and more.

Good Doctor (2013)

The top medical K-drama, Doctor Prisoner, follows a doctor seeking revenge after wrongful imprisonment.

Doctor Prisoner (2019)

Doctor John, a must-seen medical K-drama, surpassed 16 episodes with 32 total, ranking among the best.

Doctor John (2019)

Life K-drama is about the struggles of the hospital staff and Jin-Woo uncovering the dark conspiracies and cover-ups.

Life (2018)

The thrilling K-drama show follows the lives of the doctors aboard the ship to render their military service by joining the ship.

Hospital Ship (2017)

Fantastic female-led K-drama Birthcare Center is higher on the list thanks to its realistic exploration into postpartum care and motherhood later in life.

Birthcare Center (2020)

Named one of the Top 10 Korean dramas to watch on Netflix by Time, Once Upon a Small Town is a great option for both its romantic plot and medical elements.

Once Upon A Small Town (2022)

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