10  Best Pink Flowers For Your Garden

From light and sweet to bright and bold, these blooms will have you thinking pink!

Roses are a classic and timeless choice for any garden, plus they come in hues from soft blush to bright fuchsia.

Pink Roses

Their large, fluffy blooms come in shades of pink, from light pastels to bold magentas, making them a perfect addition to your garden.

Pink Peonies

Tulips' pink varieties are no exception, springtime favorite; they come in shades from soft baby pink to vibrant hot pink.

Pink Tulips

Dahlias are show-stopping flowers with large, intricate blooms in shades varying from light pink to deep fuchsia.

Pink Dahlias

Carnations are a classic and affordable flower that come in many colors, including pink

Pink Carnations

Lilies have large, trumpet-shaped blooms that make a statement in any garden.

Pink Lilies

Hydrangeas are popular shrubs with large clusters of flowers; they come in hues like pale pink and deep magenta.

Pink Hydrangeas

Sweet peas are a delicate flower; they have a ruffled appearance and a sweet scent.

Pink Sweet Peas

Chrysanthemums are a fall favorite; they have large, showy blooms that are perfect for garden lovers.

Pink Chrysanthemums

Cosmos are an easy-to-grow flower; they have delicate, daisy-like blooms that add a touch of whimsy to any garden.

Pink Cosmos