A fiery and catchy track with a powerful beat that will get you dancing in no time.


A fierce and empowering anthem with hard-hitting beats and bold lyrics.

"Kill This Love"

A sassy and confident song with a memorable chorus and impressive rap verses.

"How You Like That"

A sweet and playful collaboration with Selena Gomez that celebrates self-love with a bubbly and upbeat sound.

"Ice Cream"

An emotional ballad with a powerful beat and soulful vocals that express the confusion and pain of heartbreak.

"Don't Know What To Do"

An upbeat song with a positive and empowering message about living in the moment and chasing your dreams.

"Forever Young"

A soulful and sentimental ballad with a beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics about holding onto love.


A dynamic and addictive track with a captivating beat and mesmerizing vocals.

"Playing with Fire"

A cool and edgy song with a unique whistle hook and captivating vocals.


An explosive and energetic song with a dynamic blend of hip hop and pop sounds.


A melodic and emotional track with a catchy hook and relatable lyrics about heartbreak and love.

"Lovesick Girls"