10 Best South Korean Horror Movies To Watch

This psychological horror film follows two sisters returning home after being treated in a mental institution.

A Tale of Two Sisters

A gripping supernatural thriller about a small village plagued by a mysterious illness and a series of gruesome murders.

The Wailing

A highly acclaimed zombie apocalypse thriller set on a high-speed train. 

Train to Busan

A dysfunctional family fights to rescue their young daughter from a river-dwelling creature that terrorizes Seoul.

The Host

The film explores the thin line between good and evil as the agent descends into darkness to catch the sadistic murderer.

I Saw the Devil

Set in 1930s Korea, it follows a con artist who poses as a handmaiden to a wealthy heiress, but their plans take unexpected twists and turns.

The Handmaiden

It tells the story of a Catholic priest who becomes a vampire and struggles with his desires and moral dilemmas.


Shot entirely in found footage style, this chilling film follows a serial killer who invites a documentary filmmaker to document his crimes.

A Record of Sweet Murder

A supernatural horror film centered around a journalist who investigates a cursed phone number that brings death to anyone who answers the call.


A gripping thriller about a woman who seeks revenge on her abusive husband and confronts the oppressive and violent society on an isolated island.


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