10 Best Summer Vacations Spot in THE USA

Montana's Glacier National Park is known for its stunning geological features, including 700-plus lakes

Glacier National Park

Nature lovers flock to Yellowstone each summer to watch Old Faithful's awe-inspiring eruptions

Yellowstone National Park

Summer is the busiest time to visit Arizona's Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

San Diego's plethora of shorelines make it an appealing summer vacation spot.

San Diego

The roughly 310,000-acre Grand Teton National Park is also an affordable getaway.

Grand Teton National Park

Bay Area summers are foggy and chilly compared to other parts of the country

San Francisco

Bar Harbor, Maine, is a tranquil paradise praised for its coastal beauty.

Bar Harbor

With activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing, the Adirondacks is like a 6 million-acre summer camp.


Seattle sees its best weather this time of year, with less rain and warmer temperatures.


Outer Banks fills to the brim in summer with beachgoers looking to relax.

Outer Banks