10 Best Taylor Swift Songs Of All Time

A heartbreaking ballad about a past relationship that still haunts her.

All Too Well

A modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending.

Love Story

An upbeat pop anthem about brushing off the haters and being yourself.

Shake It Off

A satirical take on Taylor's reputation as a serial dater in the media.

Blank Space

A dreamy, synth-pop track about the irresistible attraction between two people.


A cinematic, 80s-inspired song about a love that was too good to last.

Wildest Dreams

A title track that captures the intense emotions of a passionate, but ultimately doomed, relationship.


A catchy pop song about being friend-zoned and longing for the guy she can't have.

You Belong With Me

A vulnerable, electro-pop track about the early stages of a relationship and wanting to keep it private.


An EDM-infused breakup song about falling for the wrong person.

I Knew You Were Trouble