10 Best Winter Outfits Worn  By Kate Middleton

Kate stepped out in winter's favorite color; she wore a green dress paired with a matching blazer, heels, and a clutch. 

Green blazer & dress

Princess of Wales looked the prettiest in a plaid blazer paired with a black fur hat and holding flowers in hand. 

Plaid blazer

Kate is giving some major winter fashion statements; she looked alluring in a long red blazer paired with a tartan scarf. 

Red blazer

Kate turned heads in a burgundy blazer paired with matching gloves, heels and clutch. 

Burgundy blazer

The beauty of grace, Kate looked charming in a grey-fur coat adoring with green hat and clutch,

Grey coat

Hands in hands with Prince Williams, Kate looked smashing in a plaid blazer accessorised with a hat. 

Plaid blazer

Kate looks effortlessly beautiful in a red-checkered dress adorned with her evergreen, pretty smile. 

Red-checkered dress

Kate dazzled in the most comfortable winter attire; she looked flawless in a jacket paired with blue jeans. 

Jacket with jeans

Kate looks impeccably beautiful in a red blazer dress paired with a perfect blowdry and subtle makeup. 

Red blazer

Princess of Wales donned head-to-toe camel-toned monochrome attire and looked aesthetic. 

Camel Tones

Kate looks cosy and stylish in a warm blue blazer paired with black trousers and her pretty smile. 

Blue blazer