10 Binge-Worthy Medical K-dramas

A skilled surgeon who was separated from his North Korean lover escapes to South Korea. He starts anew but gets entangled in a web of political and medical intrigue.

Doctor Stranger

A skilled and mysterious doctor mentors young medical professionals, guiding them through the challenges of the medical field while addressing personal struggles.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

The drama beautifully balances the lives and careers of five doctors who have been friends since medical school.

Hospital Playlist

This drama explores the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors and administrators as they navigate the world of modern healthcare.


This drama follows the journey of a young savant with autism and savant syndrome become a pediatric surgeon.

Good Doctor

A divorced couple, both doctors, are forced to work together in the emergency department. As they face life-and-death situations, they rediscover their feelings.

Emergency Couple

A talented doctor seeks revenge against a corrupt hospital and its executives, while also performing surgeries on those in need outside of the system.


This drama follows medical professionals who work tirelessly to save lives.


This drama highlights the struggles and triumphs of cardiac surgeons as they deal with high-stakes surgeries, personal conflicts, and complex medical cases.

Heart Surgeons

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