Inspiring Buddha Quotes on Karma

“Focus on the present moment; it holds the true essence of karma.”

“Your actions sow the seeds of your future; what you give, you shall receive.”

“Karma is a fair judge, impartially assigning consequences to our deeds.”

“Your karma follows you like a faithful shadow, so be mindful in your thoughts and actions.”

“Speak with kindness, for your words hold the power to heal or harm.”

“Embrace the uniqueness of your karma; it weaves a beautiful tapestry of your life.”

“Nurture your soul by engaging in virtuous acts; watch your inner garden flourish.”

“Challenges presented by karma are opportunities for spiritual growth; face them bravely.”

“Acts of kindness hold great significance, spreading positivity beyond our awareness.”

“Don’t let the past burden you; the present shapes your destiny with each choice.”

“Let go of attachments that bind you; detach and experience the freedom it brings.”

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