TOP 10 Celebrities Who are surprisingly Good dancers!

Hugh Jackman is one of those celebrities you would refer to as a ‘triple threat.’

Hugh Jackman

The 21-year-old actor first gained recognition after his appearance in the 2012 The Impossible.

Tom Holland

His extensive dancing skills are attributed to early lessons and growing up around dancers.

Christopher Walken

Catherine, an Academy Award-winning actress, gained fame for her performances in The Mark of Zorro.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Ribeiro is renowned for his outstanding dance moves in the famous ‘Carlton’ on Fresh Prince.

Alfonso Ribeiro

Sam has one or two dance moves in nearly all his movies except for Poltergeist.

Sam Rockwell

Cruz states that dancing helped her career, especially in her Pirates of the Caribbean franchise roles.

Penelope Cruz

Amy Adams once aspired to be a dancer. She trained as an apprentice at David Taylor Dance Company.

Amy Lou Adams

Zoe Saldana states that despite all the forms of dance she studied, ballet was her passion.

Zoe Saldana

Tom once showed his dancing skills at a Korean promotional event in 2013.

Tom Hiddleston