10 Dog Breeds That Are Not Easy To Train

Rottweilers are strong-willed, which can make them a bit stubborn and challenging to train.


Huskies are intelligent, with a high energy level and an independent streak, making consistent training a necessity.

Siberian Husky

Bloodhounds have a strong scent drive, which can distract them during training sessions.


Bullmastiffs are known for their gentle temperament, but they can also be stubborn and independent.


Borzois are sensitive dogs, often less eager to please, which can make training a slow and patient process.


Chow Chows can be aloof and strong-willed, making training difficult without a firm and patient approach.

Chow Chow

Afghan Hounds independent streak can make training more difficult, necessitating patient and creative training methods.

Afghan Hound

Bulldogs have a laid-back attitude, which may make them less responsive to training commands compared to other breeds.


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