10 Expensive Things Owned By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the best American singer-songwriters; she is popular for her pop and country music to statement fashion choices.

Here we are listing ten of the most expensive things owned by one, any only rockstar Taylor Swift. 

Taylor is one of the best-selling music artists of all time and owns two Dassault private jets, which cost around $50 million each.

Private Jets

She has several luxury homes, including a beachfront mansion in Rhode Island and a penthouse in New York City.


The seven times Grammy Awards winner owns a number of luxury vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and an Audi R8.

Luxury  Cars

Taylor has an extensive collection of expensive jewelry, including a $40,000 Cartier Love Bracelet and several diamond necklaces.


One of our favorite singers, Taylor, is known for her love of guitars and has an extensive collection, including a Taylor acoustic guitar and a Fender Telecaster.


The heartbeat of many hearts; she has an impressive art collection featuring works by famous artists such as Banksy and Jeff Koons.

Art Collection

Trust us, her wardrobe is filled with designer outfits from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent and much more. 

Closet Full of Designer Outfits

The dazzling diva owns a private island in the Bahamas, which she purchased for around $17 million.

Private Island

The singer loves pets and often shares pictures of them on social media; reportedly, her Nala Cat is the second-wealthiest pet on the list, with an estimated net worth of $100 million.


To relax, Taylor bought a luxury yacht, which she often uses for vacations and getaways.

Luxury Yacht- Vacations