10 k-dramas Based On Korean Novels

There are so many Korean dramas that are inspired by manhwa and webtoons, and we love watching them.

k-dramas Based On  Novels

Here we have listed the gripping Korean dramas based on webtoons that have gained much appreciation. 

Based on the bestselling historical fiction novel by Lee Jung-Myung, this series circles the idea of ‘what if’ real-life Joseon painter Shin Yun-bok had been a woman.

Painter of the Wind

Based on the novel of the same name by Kim Yi-ryung, it is a story of a love triangle set in the Goryeo dynasty.

The King in Love

Top Management is based on a novel by Jang Woo-san, a romance-fantasy story centred around Eun-sung.

Top Management

Judge Moon Yoo-seok wrote the novel "The Hankyoreh" and to bring his work to the TV screen, he wrote the script for the drama series Ms Hammurabi based on his book. 

Ms Hammurabi

Based on the novel "Things Left Behind" by Kim Sae Byul. The story follows two men who work as trauma cleaners, clearing out the belongings of the deceased.

Move to Heaven

This historical romance drama is based on Lee Byung-joo’s novel Wind, Clouds and Tombstone, the story revolves follows the fierce struggle for the throne during Joseon dynasty.

Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny

A fantasy drama based on the novel "Scent of a Woman" by Kim Eun Sook. The story follows a chaebol heir who falls in love with a stuntwoman who can switch bodies with other people.

Secret Garden

Based on the webtoon "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" by Kim Eun Sook. The story follows a goblin who is cursed to live forever and can only be killed if he finds his bride.


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