10 K-dramas Like Good Doctor

This series follows a genius North Korean doctor who defects to South Korea and involved in a complex medical conspiracy.

Doctor Stranger

Set in a small countryside hospital, this drama revolves around a talented surgeon with a mysterious past

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

This drama follows the lives of five doctors at a hospital, balancing medical cases with heartwarming friendships.

Hospital Playlist

A love story between a special forces captain and a doctor set in a war-torn country,

Descendants of the Sun

It explores the life of a businessman with dissociative identity disorder and his journey to regain control with the help of a psychiatrist.

Kill Me, Heal Me

This series delves into power struggles, corruption, and moral dilemmas faced by doctors and hospital administrators.


A skilled surgeon seeks revenge against those responsible for his father's death while running an illegal clinic


This drama portrays the complex relationship between a psychiatrist with his own mental health struggles and a successful novelist.

It's Okay, That's Love

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