10 K-Dramas To Watch If You Loved Crash Landing On You

This drama follows the unconventional romance between a children's book author and a psychiatric hospital worker, exploring themes of healing, love, and personal growth.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

A heartwarming romantic comedy that tells the story of a talented writer who finds herself working as a temporary employee in a publishing company

Romance Is A Bonus Book

This drama follows the love story between a CEO and a former fling who unexpectedly reunite years later. It combines romance, comedy, and a touch of melodrama.

My Secret Romance

This romantic comedy revolves around a talented art curator who leads a double life as a dedicated fan of a K-pop idol. It explores the complexities of love and passion.

Her Private Life

A fantasy romance about a time-traveling CEO who tries to change his future by marrying a woman who can foresee events. 

Tomorrow, With You

This realistic romance drama portrays the blossoming relationship between a woman in her thirties and her best friend's younger brother.

Something In The Rain

A fantasy drama about two individuals who are reincarnated with different appearances after their untimely deaths.


A political romance set in a fictional world, it follows the unlikely love story between a South Korean prince and a North Korean special forces officer.

The King 2 Hearts

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