10 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix

A romantic drama about a South Korean heiress who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea and falls in love with a North Korean soldier.

Crash Landing On You

A revenge drama about a young man who starts his own restaurant after being wrongfully fired from his job.

Itaewon Class

A drama about young entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams in the world of tech startups.


A dark comedy about a Korean-Italian lawyer who teams up with a group of tenants to take down a corrupt conglomerate.


A thrilling historical drama about a prince trying to save his kingdom from a mysterious epidemic that turns people into zombies.


A heartwarming drama about a group of doctors who have been friends since medical school and work together at the same hospital.

Hospital Playlist

A romantic drama set in a world where a mobile app can tell you if someone within a certain radius has romantic feelings for you.

Love Alarm

A lighthearted drama about a woman with superhuman strength who works as a bodyguard for a CEO.

Strong Girl Bong-soon

A nostalgic drama about a group of families living in a neighborhood in Seoul in the late 1980s.

Reply 1988

A dark drama about a high school student who becomes involved in a dangerous world of crime to pay for his college tuition.