10 Legal K-Dramas That Will Make Your Heart Race

After waking up in jail with no memory of how he got there, a prosecutor must fight to clear his name and uncover the truth behind a conspiracy.


A group of law students and professors are entangled in a mysterious murder case that challenges their beliefs and puts their legal skills to the test.

Law School

A detective communicates with a profiler from the past through a mysterious walkie-talkie, leading them to solve cold cases and bring justice.


A skilled doctor is unjustly ousted from his hospital and becomes a medical director in a prison, where he uncovers corruption and seeks revenge.

Doctor Prisoner

A forensic doctor and a prosecutor team up to solve crimes by examining evidence and uncovering the truth behind each case.

Partners for Justice

A lawyer with an exceptional memory takes on a case to clear his father's name in a heart-wrenching battle against a powerful corporation.

Remember: War of the Son

A judge and a police officer work together to expose corruption within the legal system and seek justice while confronting personal and ethical dilemmas.


A man on death row is given a two-week reprieve to save his estranged daughter from danger, leading to a thrilling chase to uncover the truth.

Two Weeks

A stoic prosecutor teams up with a passionate police lieutenant to solve complex cases and navigate a web of political and legal intrigue.

Secret Forest

After a hit-and-run incident involving a wealthy heiress, a lawyer and a detective unravel a tangled web of secrets and lies, leading to a riveting courtroom showdown.


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