5 Career  Lessons T0 Learn from Emily in Paris!

As no one said moving to a foreign country was gonna be easy. Here are all of the Career Lessons To Learn from Emily in Paris!

In one episode, Sylvie even corrects Emily and tells her that the French word for team is équipe... and it does actually have an 'I' in it! Teamwork is key to success.

There is no “I” in team

Emily is always creative with her approach and “idea-ready”. And she never misses the chance to act upon them – and often ends up winning.

Say yes to new adventures!

Being an out-of-the-box thinker is important in any line of work. Ask Emily, who impresses the head of a leading cosmetic brand with her one-of-a-kind Instagram posts. Think about it.

Always think outside of the box

It is OK to make mistakes. Emily made a few bad ones but she always finds a way to make it better thanks to her optimistic and positive mindset, Positivity and never giving up are key to success.

Adaptability, positivity, and can-do attitude

When Emily did not agree with the sexist De L’Heure campaign, she took the initiative to speak her thoughts to Antoine Lambert. As the saying goes, “A proactive employee thinks ahead, acts ahead, and gets ahead.”

Be proactive and speak up