10 Most Clingy Dog Breeds

These dogs are affectionate, gentle, and love being close to their owners.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Labs are friendly and love seeking attention and affection from their families.

Labrador Retriever

They enjoy being with their owners, often following them around and seeking cuddles.

Golden Retriever

Chihuahuas are small in size but big in personality. They often want to be carried or cuddled.


They love to cuddle and enjoy spending time on their human's lap.


Shih Tzus are affectionate and love being around people. They enjoy companionship and snuggles.

Shih Tzu

They are known to be velcro dogs, always wanting to stay close to their family members.

Cocker Spaniel

They are affectionate, love human interaction and enjoy snuggling up with their owners.

French Bulldog

Pugs are charming and affectionate dogs that form strong bonds with their owners.


Maltese dogs are known for their friendship and enjoy being around people. 


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