10 Disney Animated Movies That Are Timeless

A classic Disney film about a young deer's coming of age in the forest.


A heartwarming story about a group of household appliances on a quest to find their owner.

The Brave Little Toaster

A Pixar film about a father clownfish searching for his lost son in the vast ocean.

Finding Nemo

A touching story about an older man who fulfills his lifelong dream of traveling to South America with a young boy scout.


A musical adventure featuring two sisters who learn to embrace their differences and the power of love.


A Disney film about a brave young woman who disguises herself as a man to fight in the Chinese army.


A Disney animated musical film based on the Rapunzel fairy tale, in which a young girl with long, magical hair dreams of leaving her tower to see the floating lanterns.


A young woman falls in love with a cursed prince, Learning that true beauty comes from within, not what's seen at first glance.

Beauty and the Beast

A fairy tale of a beautiful princess cursed by an evil fairy to sleep for a hundred years, only to be awakened by true love's kiss.

Sleeping Beauty

A heartwarming tale of a young lion prince who must confront his past and take his place as king, with the help of his friends and family.

The Lion King

A timeless tale of a beautiful young woman who, with the help of her fairy godmother, overcomes adversity to win the heart of a prince.