10 Must-Watch Medical K-Dramas

This heartwarming series follows the lives of five doctors who have been friends since medical school. 

Hospital Playlist

This gripping drama revolves around a genius surgeon who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy.

Doctor Stranger

Set in a small countryside hospital, this drama showcases the life of a highly skilled surgeon who mentors two younger doctors

Doctor Romantic

This drama explores the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors and administrators in a hospital.


This unique drama follows the life of a wealthy heir with multiple personality disorder and the psychiatrist who helps him uncover his traumatic past

Kill Me, Heal Me

Mixing medical drama with supernatural elements, this series tells the story of a talented surgeon who gains the ability to see ghosts.

Ghost Doctor

This intense thriller revolves around a skilled doctor who, after being unjustly ousted from his position.

Doctor Prisoner

This revenge-driven drama follows a genius doctor on a mission to bring down a corrupt organization responsible for his father's death.


Centered around a brilliant doctor-turned-medical-investigator, this series uncovers hidden truths and exposes medical malpractices

Doctor Detective

Combining romance and medicine, this drama follows a divorced couple who coincidentally meet again as interns in the emergency room.

Emergency Couple

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