10 Plants That Kids Love

Kids love the towering height and the large, cheerful flowers of sunflowers.


These colorful and easy-to-grow flowers are perfect for young gardeners.


Kids enjoy picking and eating fresh strawberries from the garden.


Mint plants have a refreshing scent, and children can use the leaves to make their own minty tea


Watching pumpkins grow and carving them for Halloween is a favorite activity for many kids.


Cherry tomato plants produce small, sweet fruits that are perfect for snacking right off the vine.

Cherry Tomatoes

Lavender not only has a lovely fragrance but also beautiful purple flowers.


The butterfly bush is a flowering shrub that attracts butterflies and other pollinators

Butterfly Bush

The carnivorous nature of the Venus Flytrap can captivate kids. They love watching these plants catch insects.

Venus Flytrap

Kids will love watching the spiderettes grow and then propagating them to start new plants.

Spider Plant

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