10 Kate Middleton Favorite Foods

Kate is one of the fittest and healthiest royals; here we are listing some of her favourite food that she loves to eat. 

Kate Middleton Favorite Foods

 In interviews, Kate revealed that sticky toffee pudding is one of her favorite desserts.

Sticky toffee pudding

She is also a fan of curry and has been seen enjoying various Indian dishes at events and restaurants.


This is reportedly one of Kate's favorite treats. It's a rich chocolate cake made with crushed biscuits and topped with ganache

Chocolate biscuit cake

Roast lamb is a classic British dish that Kate has mentioned enjoying.

Roast lamb

Kate is a fan of hummus and has been seen snacking on it at events.


Like many people, Kate loves chocolate and has been seen indulging in various chocolate treats.


Prince William revealed he and Kate are big sushi fans.


The Princess of Wales also loves roast chicken, a classic British dish.

Roast chicken

Kate is a fan of risotto, a creamy Italian rice dish that can be prepared with various ingredients, such as mushrooms or seafood.


Chutney is another food that Kate Middleton not only likes to eat but also knows how to make herself. 

Her grandmother's chutney

According to My London, the Princess of Wales eats a bag of popcorn every day.