15 Vastu Quotes To Welcome Wealth

“A signature can attract great prosperity and success for a person if it starts with a firm upward stroke, then ends with a firm upward stroke.”

“Wear an auspicious watch to attract good luck. A moving mantra watch where the mantra is constantly turning brings great good fortune luck.”

“Place an ornament made of clear quartz crystal on your desk to help energize your career. Ideally, use one which matches your element.”

“Travel to work every day from a direction that is auspicious for you. Do check your route, try to use one with the best feng shui.”

"Plants such as the lily and the kotus enhance longevity, luck and good vibrations. They also indicate a heightened sense of mental peace."

“If you are in a desk job, ensure the back of your chair is placed, so there is a solid wall behind you. This brings good luck at work.”

“A window directly behind you can also be bad. Close such windows with heavy blinds and display support symbols of career success behind you.”

"The rooster is the best symbol to use to counter office politics. If you are constantly dodging underhanded tactics, display a rooster."

“A cluttered desk is the surest way to dull your efficiency. Make it a point each morning to spend just 10 minutes clearing your workspace.”

“Make sure you don’t have sharp edges that point directly towards where you sit. Sharp edges are poison arrows that send harmful shar chi.”

“The jade plant is an auspicious shrub that is regarded as the wealth plant in feng shui.”

“The orange plant is believed to bring wealth. Laden with fruits, it symbolises prosperity.”

“Plants should never be placed in the bedroom. Remember that it is only the luscious, healthy and green plant that brings prosperity.”