15 Instagram Slangs That You Must Know

If you see this on Instagram, it is an open invitation for you to ask anything you want to know about the person who posted it.

AMA- Ask Me Anything

Initialism of fixed that for you: appended to a quotation that has been modified to include a correction.

FTFY- Fixed That For You

“DAE hate cheesy love stories? No? Just me? Okay.”

DAE- Does Anybody Else

Use th ishashtag when you discover a piece of new information and want to share it with your followers.

TIL — Today I Learned

These are the days to post old photos or long captions on some happy memories of yours.

FBF (Flashback Friday) and TBT (Throwback Thursday)

Do you find a meme describing you in the best way possible?

MIRL — Me In Real Life

It’s just a hashtag version of LOL. Saw a silly video of a cat? Leave your CSL under it!

CSL- Can’t Stop Laughing

People on Instagram usually use this while sharing the pic of what they are wearing today.

OOTD — Outfit of the Day

This slang means you can live a full life if you don’t miss any interesting moments.

YOLO — You Only Live Once

Brands on Instagram use this social media acronym when they are giving their followers a behind-the-scenes look at what their brand is doing.

BTS – Behind the scenes.

A real phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common and can cause significant stress in your life.

FOMO – Fear of missing out.

he help can include anything from a piece of advice to a job reference. There is no bar, really.

HTH – Here to help or happy to help

As the name suggests, you can use this slang while putting forward your opinion humbly.

IMHO – In my humble opinion

It’s a “Star Wars” reference that is commonly used to give encouragement to someone.

MTFBWY – May the Force be with you.

Use this slang to express shock or disappointment.

SMH – Shaking my head.