4 Sex Positions That Boost Confidence And Body Positivity

By: Shruti Sood

If you are in a relationship and are regular with the sex then there are some sex positions that will indeed help you deal with these insecurities and bosst your confidence.

Missionary sex

Missionary sex is old school but it is one sex position that depends a lot on intimacy. It is your eyes that do the talking along with your body language.

Doggy style

All you have to do is support yourself on your knees and hands and arch your back for proper penetration. This position is perfect when you want your G-spot stimulated.

Mirror sex

In this position, all you have to do is face your fear and that is to watch yourself have sex in front of the mirror. Watch yourself, your partner and how he or she enjoys what you do or feel.

Cowgirl sex

Just like mirror sex, this position lets you see how your partner enjoys your body. If you are the man here then let your partner graze through your hair, touch your chest and arms while she rides you.