5 curtain colors to avoid for a good night's sleep

Recent studies in the psychology of color have focused primarily on large surfaces, from bedroom walls to bed sheets.

Red is one of the most vibrant colors to avoid. It symbolizes conflict, danger, and power. All this is not welcome in a space where you want to relax and fall asleep.


Orange-colored curtains stimulate our brain and body activity, making us more alert than we need to be when we are in the bedroom.


Purple as an accent color in your curtains and/or bedding, be careful not to overdo it in your bedroom.


Yellow is one of the worst colors for promoting sleep after 22% of those surveyed admitted that having this color in their bedroom did not let them sleep well.


Because of its ability to block out sunlight that can disturb your sleep in the morning. It is known to trigger alertness signals in the brain.