5 Life Lessons To Learn From the Indian Cricket Team

Cricket, in India, is more than just a sport. Therefore, there are several things that you can learn from this game.

A perfect example of this is MS Dhoni, after several accusations and doubts, this man has never lost his patience on-field. He is that person who has taken the Indian Cricket

Keep Calm:

Downfalls can be anything, even the life-taking Cancer. Yes, we are talking about Yuvraj Singh. We all know the story of this man who did not give up despite the killing disease.

Never Give Up, No Matter How Hard

Virat Kohli, he did not turn into a calm saint overnight, he just channelized the anger into positive energy for the sport

Channelizing Anger:

After losing his father, after facing crowd abuse, Siraj was just three Tests old. In the last Test, he went to bowlers like T Natarajan and Shardul Thakur and put an arm around their shoulders.

Mohammed Siraj is a lesson in itself

The picture aboce says it all, do I need to say more?

Team Work