5 Trending Engagement Ring Styles in 2022

You can have a seat while we present you with the five most trending types of engagement ring styles of the year 2022.

The two-stone diamond ring is a well-known name for Toi et Moi (You and Me). These stones are supposed to be the token of companionship.

Two- or three-stone diamonds

Say hello to a classic and flattering engagement ring with oval-shaped stones. These stones are trending for the chic look they provide to your fingers.

Oval-shaped stones

The ring ruled hearts just like Princess Diana. Shows like Bridgerton and The Crown have created far-flung popularity for vintage collections.

Vintage rings

After years of Solitaire fame, people are now interested in newer and trendier designs. Bezel setting rings are unique and also make people feel special.

Bezel settings

Lab-created diamonds are ethical because they are different from other stones. These stones are also conflict-free and environmentally conscious.

Lab-created diamonds