Zodiac Signs Who Lies The Most

No matter how much one tries to hide, astrology can tell whether that person is lying or not.

So if you want to know which zodiac sign lies the most, take some help from Astrology. 

Gemini are two-face people, who enjoy chatting and telling stories, but their words can land them problems if they aren’t careful. They lie most of the time.


Cancer is an absolute liar; unlike the other signs, their lies aren’t meant to hurt or get what they want.


Libra’s combination of being both charming and manipulative makes them great liars.


Manipulative and deceitful, Scorpio excels the mastery of lying, and no other sign can even rival.


Pisces knows what lies to tell and how to tell them to get what they want out of almost every situation.


Aquarius lies to keep the peace and to avoid hurting anyone. They lies are like more band-aids until someone has the backbone, to be honest.