Healthiest Items on Kate Middleton’s Wellness Résumé

Kate, the mother of three, Princess of Wales, has so much on her plate; ever wondered how she keeps herself flawless and energetic all the time?

Kate follows a nutritious lifestyle to stay productive and leans on a trusty wellness resume to beat stress.

Here is the healthiest wellness resume that Kate swears by, and it's totally worthy hacks to copy.

Kate trusts natural and organic oils. Such as camellia oil, cherry seed oil, and sea buckthorn oil that help soothes irritated skin and fight aging. 

A natural face oil

She enjoys taking pictures of her kids and other royal family members; some of her pictures have been granted a lifetime membership by the Royal Photographic Society. 

A stress-busting hobby

Kate makes sure her nail is well-groomed as they speak self-confidence. Hence a regular manicure date is always on-her self-care list. 

A regular manicure

To beat morning sickness, Kate prefers home remedies; ginger is her first choice to treat tummy troubles and nausea.

Ginger for her tummy troubles

Kate owns hundreds of pairs of footwear, but her go-to choice is a pair of white sneakers.

A solid pair of sneakers

In an interview, William said his "wife uses the Secret Garden adult coloring book, as it is a fun way to go about a digital detox.

An adult coloring book

She satisfies her sweet cravings with a healthy smoothie made of almond milk and berries. Occasionally, she indulges in dark chocolate or gummy bears.

A protein-packed smoothie