8 Best Sex Educators To Follow On Instagram

She has been teaching children and adults about sexuality for over ten years. Her journey as a breast cancer survivor has inspired many people

Ericka Hart 

She talks about sexual liberation and the sensuality of sex. She also offers one-to-one coaching for people.

Ev’Yan Whitney 

Her Instagram is full of interactive educational content, she talks about various topics like contraception, masturbation, sex, and breast health

Dr. Tanaya Narendra

As a bisexual South Asian, she has inspired and encouraged thousands of people to admire their sexuality.

Dr. Varuna Srinivasan

Seema calls the clitoris a ‘love umbrella’. She is a mythologist and an advocate of mental health.

Seema Anand

From casual relationships to tips on getting over the insecurities, there’s a lot to learn from Shan.

Shan Boodram

Her content is known for the sex-positive messages and interactive talks about sexual health, female pleasure, sex toys and body image.

Leeza Mangaldas

From a teacher to a therapist, Neha works closely with the stigma that is attached to sexuality and sexual abuse.

Neha Bhat