8 Deep Questions To Ask Your Friends To Know Them Better

Asking deep questions can also help bridge a gap after conflict or distance.

It reinforces the positive aspects of your friendship, and reminds both of you the reason why you actively choose to be friends

What’s your favorite thing about our friendship?

When you’re spending time with your friends, it can be easy to forget to check in with them about their other relationships.

How’s your relationship with your family right now?

Swapping stories about happy memories from childhood is an easy way for you to learn more about your friend childhood.

How do you feel about the current state of the world?

Getting to know more about the influential people who helped to shape the person your friend is, can be a sweet way to get closer.

Who was the most influential teacher in your life?

Ask them why they would choose that person, and you might be touched by how they feel.

If today was your last day on earth, who would you choose to spend it with?

The fun thing about roasting your close friends is its clever way of teetering on the line of truth and humor.

What’s something you’re sensitive about that you wish no one would joke about?

It’s worth discussing those dreams with your friends — you just might have some in common.

If money wasn’t an issue, what career would you most want to pursue?